Antique Clock Repairs and Sales

Are you the proud owner of an antique clock or watch? Are you perhaps in need of a repair? Or are you interested in buying or selling one?

At Fayette Antique Clock Assessment, antique clocks and timepieces are our specialty and passion. We proudly provide full-service clock sales, repairs, and assessments to our clients in Peachtree City, Senoia and Fayetteville.

In addition to our fully-equipped shop, we can also provide appraisals via home visits.

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Antique Clocks

Fayette Antique Clock Assessment specializes in all types of classic timepieces, including antique watches and clocks. Our knowledge and expertise of antique watches is unparalleled, as is our commitment to exceptional customer service.

No matter the age or origin of your antique clock, we have the resources to restore it to its original working condition. Our background as machinists means we can create clock components and parts that may be difficult or impossible to find elsewhere today.

In addition to providing outstanding workmanship, we are historical experts on clock manufacturing. We’ll be able to tell you where your clock came from, its approximate age, and materials and mechanisms that it uses. We can also provide you with a highly accurate appraisal of your clock’s value.

We also specialize in antique watches and music boxes, which we have the skills and supplies to repair.

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Antique Clock Repairs and Services

Fayette Antique Clock Assessment believes that antique timepieces are precious heirlooms with an often-priceless value to your family. Classic clocks were built to function accurately and dependably for years, and with our clock maintenance and repair services they can continue to do so.

No one understands the intricate inner workings of your antique piece better than we do. We have serviced clocks from all eras and parts of the world, giving us unmatched knowledge on clock functions and movements. Even clocks that have been dormant for years can be restored to mechanical perfection.

We offer in-house antique watch repair, clock repair, pocket watch repair, and even music box repair. If your antique needs repairs or replacements, not to worry—we are able to create even obsolete parts in our facility.

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Antique Clock Sales, Trades and Purchases

We buy, sell, and trade clocks and timepieces. If you’re considering parting with a clock, we would be happy to appraise and consider it for our collection. We can also show you our selection of antique clocks. When you purchase one of our clocks, you can be certain that you’re getting superior workmanship, quality, and service.

Home Estimates and Appraisals

If you are fortunate enough to be the owner of a large, stationary clock such a grandfather clock, there’s no need to assume the trouble or risk of taking it into our shop.

Fayette Antique Clock Assessment is happy to provide home visits. We’d be pleased to assess your antique’s state and monetary value.

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